martes, 28 de abril de 2009

A world of my own II (first version)


One night, Sarah dozed off with the pen in her hand wondering about all that could have been... She was writing about cats and rabbits living in houses, dressed in shoes and hats and trousers. She was writing about a world where all the flowers had very extra special powers and she talked to them for hours. Where birds swam and fish flew. She felt like she belonged there and was free to smile. She had no one to care for but herself and nature was one with the girl, and her mother was healthy and happy.
The following morning, Sarah woke up to find that her room had changed. It was covered with feathers and strange petals; she got up and ran to the window. She looked out and could not believe her eyes. There were rabbits driving cars and cats wearing shoes and glasses. They all walked like human beings and talked to each other in a language she could understand.
It was all very strange and she kept rubbing her eyes, but the picture was the same. She ran down the stairs and opened the front door, a rabbit said hello to her and a cat waved at her; she waved back and closed the door, gaping. Was all this really happening? She decided to go to bed again and put the journal away. She put her head on the pillow and fell asleep right away.
She was woken up some hours later by her mother’s voice. She jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. There was Ann in the kitchen making breakfast for her girl. Sarah ran to her mother and hugged her with all her strength. Her mother’s eyes shone brightly, reflecting the morning sun light and Sarah’s heart filled with joy.
She then looked out the window and caught a glimpse of a cat, with very strange colours and a broad smile. She blinked two times and the cat was gone. Sarah then realized it was not a dream, but her dream come true. Wonderland was where she was and it was all of her own.

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  1. Otra vez yo por estos pagos,
    me recibí hace dos años de profe de inglés,
    hace 3 años que doy clases en mi casa.
    Me recibí en Cambridge,
    aunque empeze estudiando en Billinghurst.