domingo, 12 de abril de 2009

When the day comes you realize it was not in vain...

Many years ago something started in the craziest way, something that was meant to last forever - still they were not aware of such thing so they played the wrong cards.

If something is characteristc of them, that's bad timing - there's no doubt about it. They clicked, She ruined it, she hurt him bad, then he ruined it, then it was her again, then he did it again and badly... and to top it - because that's how they do it - She ruined it again... but this time, it was different... I wonder now if it is really ruined or if it makes them better people and if future will bring a change... but that's not the point of this text.

So many memories, so many things that will always be there. Being blunt and completely honest with each other, the smiles and the tears... in the good times and the bad times.

This is forever... and in the craziest way... their way... they love each other... and always will... always and never... endlessly

Now the time has come for them to say goodbye (again) and it feels terribly bad though they want what's best for everyone...

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