martes, 28 de abril de 2009

A world of my own I (first version)

Sarah was a young girl who had lived a thousand lives in one. She was absolutely shattered and emotionally drained. She had spent most of her life taking care of her sick mother, with no one’s help. Her sorry eyes had lost all their brightness and her face was darkened due to all the things she had undergone. Still there was a sparkle of hope inside her heart.
Sarah spent hours writing loose sentences and words in a journal. She kept it hidden in a box under her bed, where she also kept dry flowers, insects, colour papers and small strange objects that she liked. She was very quiet, not the outgoing type of girl but she had a pure heart and people could see it through her armoured body.
Sarah’s mother had been a kind, responsible woman until her husband died. She could not take it and lost her mind. Ann was her name and black were her eyes, very bright and strong. She loved Sarah but she was not strong enough to raise her daughter alone. All kinds of doctors had assisted her and no one seemed to be any good.
“It’s only a matter of time till this woman gives in to death” they told the poor girl.
Still, Sarah never cried. She shed no tears while her mother lived. She could not cry. She had to be strong for her mother. She had to be there, like a stone. But there came the day when her mother gave in.
“She passed away in her sleep” was what Sarah told everyone who asked her about Ann, but that was not true. Her mother had killed herself by taking a bunch of sleeping pills and the poor girl had woken up one day to find her mother dead.
“She’s a strong girl. She’ll make it alone” people used to say in the streets. But Sarah was afraid, so blue and all alone.
The only things that made her feel safe were her journal and her box full of strange objects.

(To be continued)

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