martes, 5 de mayo de 2009

Teenager on fire - version 2009 (al estilo Lunatik)

<>: Hi There
[Miss Blue] *GaLiCiEnTa*: hey - te conozco?
<>: Not that I can think of, I added you to facebook i think
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: and why do u speak in english if your nickname is in spanish?
<> because I love english too god damn much :) hahahaha
<: so, how old r u?
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: 24
[Miss Blue] *GaLiCiEnTa*: and u ?
<>: 16
[Miss Blue] *GaLiCiEnTa*: AH! ya se quien sos! el nene de la escalera - que toca la guitarra xD
<>: el nene de la escalera? :P soy un nenito ahora? :D
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa* desde q tenes como 8 años menos q yo si
<>: 8 years ain't shit :P at least don't treat me like I'm a baby =(
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa* i never meant to - sorry - what can I do for u ? why did u add me?
<>: I just added u :P just felt the impulse to add you xD is it wrong? :(
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: it's ok - I was just wondering

(parte editada x evitar aburrir al expectador)

<>: O.O.....
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: que tiene mi foto?
<>: r u dressed up as a maid? xD
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: yeah for a photshoot
<>: I'd rather have my mouth shut right now :D
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: (?)
<>: u could kill someone you know?
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: but.. i think that's not very likely
<>:why? :P why not? i mean :P
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: no one died so far
<>: look at the size of... xd
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: my eyes? oh well yes ... they're big (?)
<>: ye, ur eyes xd u know what i'm talking about ;) xd
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: of course i do - you got a girlfriend? :-O
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: and u go telling other girls things like what u told me?
<>: as far as I don't touch xd and I'm not telling other girls xd just u
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: yeah right
<>: besides, it's a platonic thing :P
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm a kind of real girl who as u know u can't have sooooooo u imagine things with her?
<>:If I imagined thing with you, well, I'd say, that's a distinct possibility
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: and why distinct?
<>:because it may surely happen - I may have imagined some things... so, what if i have? :P
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: as long as it doesn't hurt anyone ur thoughts are yours
<>: would they hurt you?
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: guess not
<>: so do u want to know my thoughts or u can imagine what they were xD
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: I have no idea darling every boy is different from another
<>: first I thought, omg, how big are those? O.o and my answer is holy fucking god :D then i wanted to be born again :P be a baby again :P I thought I'd wanna grab one :$ play with it :P and u know...
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: what?
<>: i'd wanna play with it :P with both
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: I guess.. thanks :P
<>: haven't finished though :P but u can imagine what i could have imagined next :P
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: oh u got more? :-O
<>: i don't think i could handle them at the same time :-O what's the nipple like :-O
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: i won't answer to that
<>: i'd suck them, one at the time :$:$:$
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*:OMG! u r virgin right?
<>:yep xd
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: u need to stop watching porn RIGHT NOW
<>:who said I did?xd
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: i know u do
<>: so ur supposing I do just because I'm a teenager? :P
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: no no because of what u say dear
<>: maybe ur the cure for not watching porn (?) after watching ur picture I wouldn't need porn xd lol just imagining having those things on me :$ i'd put my face between them :$ well i'd not put just my face between theM :P
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: really luquitas porn is making u a bad boy
<>: i like ur boobs :P is that a crime? :(
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: no no no i mean i don't think i have many pictures where u can admire them - but i take it as a nice thing to say to me
<>: I'd like to admire them.. but well xD i can just imagine :$ me playing with them... and u playing with me too :$ that's sth at least right? and also u can help :-O
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: how?
<>: playing with me :D with imagination
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: u want me to say what i'd do to you? is that right?
<>: figurately speaking :P I know i'm a kid =( but well :P It'd be fun xd
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*:OH NO NO NO NO - my students are 16 or less - I'm sorry sweety but I can't do it - i gotta go anyway it's way too late
<>:at least tell me somethign to imagine :P while ur gone
[Miss Blue]*GaLiCiEnTa*: gosh go to bed darling
<>: cmone =( just once :P and i won't bother u again xD

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