domingo, 7 de junio de 2009

Take me or leave me

I have so many things to learn, yet I sometimes believe I know everything I need to know to keep surviving in this pathetic world.

I learnt most things the hard way and I always wonder why I turned out to be what I am and not a junkie, a killer or worse. I just don't know, I assume I chose the right path.

You will never get to know me completely, I'm not ready to share all I have become with anyone yet. So please, don't push me to explain things I don't want to or better... I can't. Don't think that by just looking into my eyes you will see through me. They show what I let them show, bits of me only. Don't try to understand what goes on in my mind, you would never understand the complexity of it.

Take me as I am or leave me. I will survive...

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