lunes, 29 de junio de 2009

Carry On Up The Morning

In the morning where does the pain go?
Same place the fame goes
To your head
And it’s not easy
Getting it out your head
And it’s too easy
Getting out your head

Tell me now could not explain no
Put it in a song instead
But it’s not easy
Getting out of bed
And it’s not easy, so I said no
You used to be into me
Now you've got it in for me

Don’t you think about what they said
The way they tease me
Those notes about what you said
They said, "you two were meant to be"
And so it was meant to be

And I know where to find you, my love
In the same old flat by the river
The only way in was through the window
No it's not easy, getting outta bed
It's not easy, getting it out your head
No it's not easy, getting outta bed
Oh it's too easy, getting out your head

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