martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

Late regrets

'How could I've imagined that a girl as beautiful as that would aproach me because she wanted more than a chat with me? She was way beyond my expectations and above all she was real and interested in me. She smelled like flowers ought to smell and her hair moved with the breeze of a summer night. She was too perfect.'

'What did you do?'

'I talked to her. As if she was a normal person but she wasn't. She was the ONE, the only one... but things are never what we expect them to be, you know?'

'Yeah, I know. But tell me more!'

'Well, eventually I understood she had feelings for me. I had my head above the clouds. Her scent, her eyes and her ways were so unconventional. She captured me in every possible way and yet I was such a coward... She was mine and I lost her...'

'How come grandpa?'

'It's a long and sad story. There were many things in between us and timing was never our friend. We tried but circumstances were stronger than us, they prevented our love from being fullfilled. I didn't fight enough, now I know that... so that's why I'm telling you this boy:

"Don't let her go away. Fight for her if you feel she's the one, if your heart aches when she cries and if you die everytime she says goodbye. Fight your her if you feel alive when she smiles and you cry when she is sad. Try to get her back if someone tries to steal her from you and never, never let her down for she will always be true to you."
I swear grandpa!

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